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Each semester comprises of 16 weeks.  The summer semester is comprised of 10 weeks.

Weather Closings: If lessons are canceled due to weather, an email will be sent  by 1:00 pm indicating that we are closed. Please call or email any day you are uncertain about the weather before coming to lessons.

Missed Lessons: If a student misses a lesson/s, ONE lesson can be made up at the end of the semester. This is a reserved week at the end of the semester and only those students who have missed a lesson should attend.  If more than one lesson is missed during the semester it will be at the clients expense.  Please speak with your teacher directly for make-up lessons during the regular semester.


Canceled Lessons: If a teacher cancels a lesson and is unable to schedule a make-up lesson, your account will be credited. Teachers often are not able or required to accommodate other cancellations.

Summer Lessons:  There are no credits offered for missed or canceled summer lessons as we allow for a more flexible schedule (between 5 and 10 weeks).  If a teacher cancels a lesson, your account will be credited (see above Canceled Lessons).

Tuition Anchor


  • You will be billed at the beginning of each semester. The cost may be paid in full when billed, or in four installments of:

    • $120 for 1/2 hour,

    • $180 for 3/4 hour,

    • $240 for 1 hour.

  • A one-time $20 administrative fee is added to the first billing to cover administrative costs. (This fee is waived if you pay for the semester in full on or before the first week of lessons.)

    • For students who are on a trial period, the administrative fee will be waived until the second billing. At that time you can decide to pay the rest of the semester in full or include the fee with your second installment.​

  • If you choose to pay in four installments, please be aware of the importance of making the payments on time.

    • Failure to submit payments on time will incur a late fee. 

    • Statements will be e-mailed the week before they are due and will be expected at the next lesson.

Summer Pricing

  • The Summer Semester is a more flexible 10 week program.   Clients are able to choose between 5 and 10 weeks.  Because of this,  Summer is billed in full at the beginning of the Semester or can be split into 2 equal payments by request. There is a one-time $10 fee added to all summer invoices.

Payment Schedule

Fall Semester

Payment #1 - August 28th

Payment #2 - September 25th

Payment #3 - October 23rd

Payment #4 - November 27th

Summer Semester

Payment #1 - June 3rd

Payment #2 - July 8th (by      request only)

Spring Semester

Payment #1 - January 15th

Payment #2 - February 12th

Payment #3 - March 18th

Payment #4 - April 22nd

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