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The Teachers

Greg Takemoto

(saxophone, clarinet, music theory, jazz composition)


  • Chico State University (CSUC) 1997-1999

  • Rhode Island College (RIC) 1999-2001/ 2011-2013

  • BA music Performance – magna cum laude

  • Taught woodwinds for the R.I. Philharmonic Music School

  • Was the Band Director for Our Lady of Mercy Middle School

  • Owns and operates The Redding Music School

Jeff Takemoto

(piano, keyboard)


  • San Francisco Academy of Art University 2003 - 2008

  • BFA computer illustration/animation

  • Playing classical piano repertoire since 1992, taught by Conica Patnaik

  • Composing and Arranging original music since 1995

Charles DeAngelus

(guitar, bass, saxophone, drums, ukulele, voice)


  • C.J. DeAngelus brings over 20 years experience as a performer and educator to the Redding Music School

  • Berklee College of Music - BA (2001)

  • Boston University - MA Music Education (2012)

  • Directed shows in New York City, Los Angeles and Scotland.

  • Teaches at Buckeye School of the Arts

  • Director of the Shasta Arts Foundation

Julian Dürr

(trumpet, french horn, piano, music theory, composition)


  • 16 year-old composer and arranger

  • Professionally trained as a Concert Pianist

  • Member of the CVHS band, Orchestra and Choir

  • Member of the Shasta College Concert Orchestra, Shasta College Symphonic Band and the Shasta College Concert Choir

  • Has passed the 2 year theory exam at Shasta College as a High School student.

  • Attends CVHS and Shasta College