Hi Greg,

 Thank you for letting us know about your plans. We wish you the best in California.  You will be a shining light in California  as you are here in RI. You are a inspiration.  Thank you for everything you did for both of my children. They still have a love for music and I thank you for that gift. Jonathan is doing well in the Hendricken band. He loves being a part of the Winter Indoor Percussion group. He may be volunteering his time to help Charlie at OLM next year.


Olivia is playing the flute in the Bayview middle school and high school band (she is in 8th grade now). She is also playing in the wind ensemble at the RI philharmonic. 


So, thank you.  Your teaching and kindness encouraged them to be the musicians they are today.


Thank you again.  I wish you and your family all of the best! 



Kristen Martin




You will be quite missed.  You’re an amazing leader, mentor, educator and musician.  You have your finger on the pulse of each child’s talent (hidden or obvious), challenges, temperament, drive, passion and insecurities. You allow them to just “be,”

yet, you pull in the reigns when they go a little off course.  You don’t give up on them even when they think you should. That’s a leader.


Thank you for all you do.  Congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavors. 




Robyn Meletis


Greg, thank you for including me. We are eternally grateful for your role in Ethan’s musical development. You were such an inspiration to him and the seeds you planted continue to grow as he flourishes in college and his musical endeavors. I fondly remember all the trips and seeing the kids following you. You clearly made a mark on many many lives as I’m sure you will do wherever you land. We are so lucky that you were at OLM and R.I. Philharmonic at the “right” times for us. We wish you good health, a smooth transition with your beautiful family and all the best in your performing and teaching career. And of course look forward to seeing your journey on social media.


Always grateful,



Dear Greg,

This is certainly bittersweet news as you have been such a tremendous part of the OLM School Community!  But spending more time with your parents is a very important thing and it is sure to be the right decision for you all….


We cannot thank you enough for all you have done - not only for our own kids - but for all the OLM band kids over the past 10 years.  Your enthusiasm, patience, energy and encouragement have fostered some amazing talent in so many of these kids who were fortunate enough to have had you teaching them.  Both Daniel and Mae thoroughly enjoyed their time with the OLM band, thanks to you and your impeccable gift of imparting your wisdom while keeping it fun.  Daniel and the boys on the buckets will forever be a favorite, lasting OLM memory and that only happened because of your willingness to listen to their thoughts and let them run with it.  Fostering creativity in kids is one of your many gifts, in addition to your own talent for performing. We will look forward to keeping in touch and hearing how you continue to have a positive influence on others while sharing your love of music.


We have missed seeing you this year and are also sadly seeing our time at OLM end after 17 years as  Mae graduates.  We hope to see you in the coming months to offer our best wishes to you in person, but in the meantime be assured of our eternal gratitude for all you did for our family and for the OLM community as a whole.  You will be missed.


With our warmest wishes and gratitude,

Bob and Maura Legare


Thank you so much for your time spent teaching Dylan the saxophone.  He loves band and just about every type of music.  He’ll be moving to a new school next year too and we are looking to find one with an excellent music/arts program.  I spent some time living in California some years ago and prefer the west (best) coast.  Would love to move back myself.  Best of luck to you.



"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you" -Anne Lamott



Joseph Madritch


Greg,  Thank you for all that you have done for our children! 


Best of luck!!! 

The LaPlante Family



Jonah is so sorry to see you leave. He has enjoyed band tremendously, and he has learned so much!  You have been such a positive role model for the kids and have really taught them to love music and enjoy the freedom of expression that music can give them.  I truly wish you and your family the best and know you will be successful in all your future endeavors!


Rebecca Stockdill


Hi Greg! Thank you so much for all you've done for the program. Henry has really enjoy his time in band and we owe that to you! We are glad to know you have confidence in your replacement. We're wishing you all the best as you move out to California, and I'm sure on a snowy April 2 it's sounding pretty good. It sounds like it will be a new adventure and I'm sure your parents will be glad to have you closer. I imagine they might be at the point in life where some family support and assistance nearby will make a big difference for them.


We look forward to the concert in May.


Best Regards,


Patty Wind


Greg –


Hi Greg, 


We are so sorry to hear that you are leaving,  but family is always most important.   Austin has genuinely enjoyed his time with you and you've instilled a love for music in him.  For that I am so grateful! 


We wish you all our best!



Melissa & Austin Kairnes




Our family wishes you the very best in this new life adventure.  Blake was sad when he first heard about your departure.




The Sykes

This makes me very sad, Greg, but I knew it was coming.  You have been a wonderful addition to the band program.  I was always amazed at what you taught the students and how they progressed under your guidance.  Your love of music certainly inspired them!
You will certainly be missed, but our loss is your family's gain!

God bless you and your family.
S. Jeanne

Band Parents,


I was planning to convey my thoughts about Greg at the concert next week, but decided instead to commit them to writing. I can be emotional at times, so this will be better for all of us!


As you probably already know, Greg is leaving Rhode Island this summer to care for his parents in California. He has been preparing for this move for several years, and the time is now right for him and his family to make this move. Needless to say, a new OLM band director can only succeed Greg - they can never replace him.


I personally have been associated with OLM for over 20 years, and over that time, I've known a handful of OLM staff who have had profound, life-changing effects on students. People who are self-less, concerned with the wellbeing of the student beyond anything else. People who simply make every effort to provide the student with the best learning experience, and the most nurturing environment.


Greg Takemoto is one of those people.


I'm not going to list everything that Greg does for students - it would be impossible to cover it all, and he wouldn't appreciate me publicizing his deeds. I'll simply say this - he has been an extraordinary mentor for OLM band students. When band members graduate, they model his commitment and generosity by coming back to OLM to mentor band members. Not for community service points, but because they value what Greg represents and want to emulate him and contribute to other student's success.


What more could you ask for?


I've made good and bad decisions in my life. Hiring Greg was on of the best.


Looking forward to seeing each of you at the concert next week.